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  • Could you be the next Spiderman?

    You will definitely need to get a birthday gift sooner or later for a special person, and let’s not forget that Valentine’s day is only a few weeks away, and what could be better than a unique Spiderman gift idea for your partner? 

    The best part about the “makeof.me” Spiderman gift item is that you can customize it as you wish to make it relatable to anyone. A girl or a boy partner, an old or a young person, whoever the person is, you can be sure that you won’t go wrong with this gift idea. 

    You can be the next Spiderman, or you can make another person the happiest ever with this unique gift idea.

  • Unique Valentine's gifts ideas for partners.

    The pressure is real! The closer February 14th gets, the more stressed you feel about finding the perfect Valentine’s day gift for your partner. You definitely don’t want to forget or wait until the last minute to get something, and at the same time, you’re not really sure what you should be looking for to fit the best Valentine’s day gift idea box.

    Makeof.me is that one website you didn’t know would save you until now. Fabiano’s personalized cartoon drawings are with no doubt going to get you this year’s award for most thoughtful, and caring partner. A custom couple cartoon portrait is the perfect valentine’s gift idea that never even crossed your mind before. 

    To a lifetime of Love! 

  • Valentine’s day gift for him.

    Shopping for your male partner has got to be one of the most annoying tasks in the world, especially to get him a gift on valentine’s day. You wake up thinking that finding that perfect valentine’s day gift for him won’t be that hard. But, only a few moments later, you realize that you’re completely in the dark, because you have no idea what to get him. 

    "I mean, what do men even like, right?" 

    Worry no more! 

    I heard your call for help, and I have found you the best valentine’s gift for him that would finally release you from your stress, and endless overthinking.

    Personalized Chibi portraits are definitely one thing that has never crossed your mind as a Valentine's day gift idea for your men. And the best part is that you can customize the characters to make your partner’s wildest fantasies come true.

  • Valentine's Day gift for her.

    Looking for Valentine's day gift ideas seems like one of the hardest tasks in the world for most of us, even for the hopeless romantic ones out there. Therefore, this article is here to help you save time, money, and energy, and still manage to be the boyfriend, or husband of the year this upcoming valentine’s day.

    So, your mission on that day is to level up your game, and find a special valentine’s day gift for her aside from the red teddy bears, and the red hearts, or worse, red matching sweaters.

    At makeof.me, you will find the perfect valentine's day gift for her that doesn’t fit in any of the boxes mentioned above. It is not commercial, nor classic or basic, and definitely not a shallow awkward gift just to fill the space.

    This is your sign to stop worrying about the perfect valentine’s day gift for her, because you have found it. 

  • Friends gifts ideas : The Central Perk Sofa custom digital portrait!

    Now the question is, what would be the best Friends’ gift idea that you can get that crazy lovely Buddy in your life? Believe it or not, custom digital portraits are the answer to your question. And even better, a Friends’ custom digital portrait will save you from your endless thinking to figure out the best Friends’ gift idea.

    At makeof.me , the artist Fabiano offers a special custom product for Friends’ fans : The Central Perk Sofa, which is a special personalized gift idea that will definitely win your heart.

    Moreover, this Friends’ gift idea is perfect for all kinds of occasions. You can get one for Christmas, Valentine's Day, a birthday and even for a wedding. You can customize the portrait as you wish to fit any theme, and the artist will be very patient with you, and will do his best to understand your ideas and put them into his art. The goal is for you to be fully satisfied, and happy with the drawing.
  • Personalized gifts for family!

    A personalized family portrait from makeof.me is definitely your ultimate family Christmas gift this year. You don’t need to struggle in crowded stores to get each member of your family a pair of socks, or gloves, or scarves knowing for sure that they’re probably expecting them.

    With Fabiano, you get to be different, creative, and unique. And the best part is,  you only need one gift to make the whole family happy. Well, I hope you won’t take long before placing your order. With only a few weeks left for Christmas, you may not get the chance to get that amazing personalized gift for your family if you wait too long!

    Merry Christmas! 

  • Fabiano’s wedding gift guide : Portrait Guestbook Canvas, the best wedding gift in 2021.

    Through this article, I am introducing a new product that would make the ultimate wedding gift choice for you to add a special touch to your childhood’s best friend's wedding : Portrait Guestbook Canvas.

    Whether the newlyweds are a hopeless romantic couple, or maybe Potterheads, travelers, or simply pet lovers, Fabiano will turn them into the sweetest, and coolest cartoon characters you can ever imagine. 

    Choosing to get your special wedding gift done by Fabiano means that you will have a personalized portrait guestbook Canvas to offer that can actually be used on the same wedding day. And you may find it hard to believe, but his work will definitely make you the coolest person in their wedding.

    I hope you’re ready to go to that wedding now! The task is easier than ever, your perfect wedding gift is just one click away. All you have to do is place your order and follow the easy steps to get your personalized Portrait Guestbook Canvas.


  • Personalized couples gifts : the Makeof.me portraits will win their heart!

    The personalized couples portraits made by Fabiano at makeof.me will make you the favorite friend of every couple. You will be giving them something unique, different and most importantly meaningful. A gift that they can both share and enjoy and a gift that can stay with them forever.

    Please note that due to high demand, commissions will start getting limited during the Christmas season. you can place your orders starting now to avoid the Christmas shopping rush.
  • What makes "makeof.me" portraits the best Christmas gift in the world?

    I think we can all agree now that there is much more than just sweaters and scarves to make an extraordinary gift for Christmas. Customized portraits not only will make your adult friends happy, but they will definitely make your kids melt at the sight of their reflection on the cutest and coolest drawing you can ever get.

    Still hesitating? Whatever it is you have in your mind, Fabiano can make it real, all you have to do is order.

    Place your order before it's too late on makeof.me 

  • Black Friday 2021 : the best gift to get on sale for you and your loved ones!

    From the moment you decide to place your order on makeof.me , Fabiano will be there for you, ready to help you with anything you need. He is very patient with all his clients and treats all of them as VIPs because he cares for their  satisfaction towards his artwork more than he cares for the benefit he will gain from the sale. 

    At makeof.me , you will find a large choice of art styles to choose from. Whether you want just a regular artwork or something different and special such as an Anime style, or Superheroes style, or you can get yellow with The Simpsons style, you can even jump into the C137 Dimension of Rick and Morty, become your iconic Tv show or movie character, and for those hopeless romantic of you, the magical Disney style is also there to make your dreams come true.