5 reasons why YOU, as a hooman, should get a custom portrait for your pet 

1. Personalized pets' portraits as a gift hit different! 

A pet owner loves nothing more than their dear sweet pet!
And you cannot deny that recieving a very personal gift is one of the Best. Feelings. EVER.

So the best of both worlds? Gifting a personalized pet portrait to your loved one(s). 
Trust me on this one!  

2. Holiday's around the corner and you don't know what to gift your loved one? 

When the holidays season approach,  you find yourself thinking and overthinking what to get your loved one as a gift? 

Unless they're a pet parent. Then, customized pet portraits are always a winner! 

3. Sweeten the bitter grieving of a late companion

A pet's passing away hurts just as much as losing a member of your family or your friend.

It's heartbreaking! 

So to memorialise a pet's memory or show care to a pet parent who lost their pet, a customized pet portrait can help patch a broken heart.  

4. You don't know the serotonin of pet inspired home decor if you haven't tried it 

Nothing tops adding a customized painting of your pet to your living room wall, your pet's space, or a dedicated corner for your pet in the house. 
Your pet's portrait will bring in a greater sense of your relationship with them.

Also, you will be marking a memory with your pet, although pets can't fully understand it, but you do and that's what counts! 

5. I am a pet parent too and I love to paint

Hi, I am Fabiano and I love to paint 👋

I have painted my whole life and with Makeof, I do 2 of the things I love the most: painting and bringing joy to internet strangers.

I have worked with +1000 clients and their reviews can all assure you that I take revisions very seriously (as I should), I have a passion for details (nothing unhealthy, I promise) and a soft spot for our furry companions of pets. 

I am a dog person (I love cats as well), so yes, that's me with my pets! Theo, Sasha, and I am holding Bambi. 

They're talking about us? 👀

P.S. : Fabiano have limited commission spots available for February orders.
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