What makes "makeof.me" portraits the best Christmas gift in the world?

Christmas season can never go unnoticed, whether you’re young or old, whether you believe in Santa or you don’t, everyone gets excited for the most wonderful time of the year. And to be completely honest with you, I mostly get excited for the unexpected Christmas gifts. As soon as Halloween is over, the Christmas spirit starts taking over, spreading the good and happy vibes and making the coldest and grumpiest souls fall for the warm and cosy Christmas decorations, the shimmering lights, the lovely songs, and the beautiful trees. And all these little details leave us with no choice but to fall for the charming and irresistible Christmas magic.

Although no one can deny that Christmas time is one if not the most fun holiday of the year, Christmas shopping on the other hand is not always that much of fun. Crowded stores everywhere, endless lines, angry customers, everyone seems to be in a rush and everyone seems to want the same thing as a Christmas gift. Going Christmas shopping is like going to war as it can be really frustrating, especially for those of us who are not really fond of gifts’ shopping. Yet, despite the inconveniences that come with it, surprising your loved ones and making their Christmas even better is priceless, especially if it happens to be their favorite season of the year. 

 However, you don’t want to put that much effort in Christmas shopping only to end up offering your favorite people classic basic gifts that they have definitely received a dozen times before, such as a perfume or a watch or even a piece of clothing, especially if the person is really dear to your heart. A Christmas gift needs to be special, and unique, and why not personalized as well to show that person that you really thought it through, and that the gift was made specifically for them, because when the person matters, every little detail matters. 

And all these details are what makes makeof.me portraits the best Christmas gift for all your loved ones. What an amazing surprise if you showed up at your partner’s door, family or your best friend in life with one of these personalized portraits as a Christmas gift? And anyone, literally anyone, whether it’s your kid, him or her, best friend, and every family member would be happy with an unexpected Christmas gift from makeof.me

With Fabiano at Makeof.me, the world is yours! You have all the control and you can actually create your gift as you wish.The whole process is fun and enjoyable as you get to make your own choices when it comes to your portrait (theme, characters, background...etc). Actually, from cute elves to fairies and witches, superheroes and villains, tv series and movie characters, you can pick anything in the world, anything in your imagination, and Fabiano will turn you into it. 

Fabiano is the Santa Claus you never knew you needed. 

And it only gets better! At Makeof.me, there are no limitations for what you can choose for your Christmas gift, whether you have a specific theme in mind or not, Fabiano can draw anything as long as you provide him with the right description notes. His talents and skills are beyond amazing and his work will definitely exceed all your expectations. 

And the best part is, Fabiano won’t settle down until you’re fully satisfied with the final output, because your satisfaction is his priority and he knows that a Christmas gift has to be everything but boring. Also, not only you can get your portrait as a digital illustration, but you can also get it as Canvas that you can add to your own place’s decoration on your bedroom wall, or on the top of the fireplace, or gift it to your loved ones knowing that every time their eyes will come across it, they will remember you and all the love and affection your have for them.  


I think we can all agree now that there is much more than just sweaters and scarves to make an extraordinary gift for Christmas. Customized portraits not only will make your adult friends happy, but they will definitely make your kids melt at the sight of their reflection on the cutest and coolest drawing you can ever get.

Still hesitating? Whatever it is you have in your mind, Fabiano can make it real, all you have to do is order.

Don’t keep your Christmas gift waiting for you at makeof.me

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