Valentine’s day gift for him.

Shopping for your male partner has got to be one of the most annoying tasks in the world, especially to get him a gift on valentine’s day. You wake up thinking that finding that perfect valentine’s day gift for him won’t be that hard. But, only a few moments later, you realize that you’re completely in the dark, because you have no idea what to get him. 

"I mean, what do men even like, right?" 

Most men out there find it really hard to go gift shopping for a woman. Well, imagine having to figure out a special Valentine’s gift for men. Twice the pressure, the stress, the hesitation, and the confusion.

It’s either you’re freshly dating, and you don’t want your gift to be odd for something that’s still new, and scream “Hi, I am obsessed with you and I want to have your babies”. Or you have been dating long enough that you don’t want to make a huge effort to impress him, but at the same time, you don’t want your gift to give the wrong impression, like “Hi, I really don’t care anymore but here’s a gift anyway”. Or you have been blissfully married for years and years that you have probably already given him every gift you could possibly think of so far.

Worry no more! 

I heard your call for help, and I have found you the best valentine’s gift for him that would finally release you from your stress, and endless overthinking.

I understand that your Valentine’s gift for him needs to be unique, but at the same time low key, and definitely anything but cheesy. A unique gift for him that would seem really thoughtful, but at the same quite effortless.

Welcome to : where the magic begins!

Personalized Chibi portraits are definitely one thing that has never crossed your mind as a Valentine's day gift idea for your men. And the best part is that you can customize the characters to make your partner’s wildest fantasies come true.

Fabiano is the talented, and young artist behind the website, he’s a cartoonist and a digital illustrator, and he’s with no single doubt the best. All you have to do is come to him with your ideas, and trust him with the process, because he is definitely going to amaze you, and leave your partner speechless with their gift. 

Not sure what to go for with your drawing? 

The website’s collection already has a large choice of options waiting for you in case you feel a lack of inspiration. However, as you want it to be a special Valentine’s gift for him, you probably want to think of something that he likes, and that he’s really fond of.

Almost every man on earth has something he’s obsessed with. It could be sports, such as football or hockey for example, as it could be movies like Marvel or Dc movies, or a one specific tv show like Friends. Maybe, anime or video games, or perhaps simply something that he enjoys doing such as cooking, driving, or playing an instrument. I mean it could be anything in the world that he loves, and for a person who is supposed to know him better, you definitely want to make his Valentine’s day gift idea meaningful. 

Therefore, you can ask Fabiano to make you a custom Valentine’s day portrait that reflects exactly what you have in mind for your loved one. Because turning him into his favorite sport player, or the superhero he would never shut up about, or sitting him in the famous central perk sofa would definitely be unexpected and amazing!

And that’s how you get a perfect Valentine’s day gift for him, that will make you the coolest partner of the year, and definitely won’t put you into any cheesy, awkward situation with him.

It seems like a lot of love is going to be in the air that day, get ready to enjoy it!

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