Fabiano’s wedding gift guide : Portrait Guestbook Canvas, the best wedding gift in 2021.

You woke up this morning, checked your mail box and there it was waiting for you. Congratulations, you’ve been invited to a wedding! Now, you have to start looking for an outfit, a nice pair of shoes, maybe a date as well. But, let’s face it, the most exciting and stressful part about getting a wedding invitation is finding that one perfect wedding gift.

Getting a wedding gift is no easy task, whether you are a close relative or just a distant friend, there is no running away from it. However, if your relationship with the groom or the bride is pretty close, your task of getting the perfect wedding gift is going to be even harder. Your wedding gift idea needs to be unique, and different in order for it to reflect that special bond you have with them.

We all know that when two people are getting married, they usually already set a list of gift ideas to make it easier for people to shop for their wedding gifts, and mostly for them to avoid getting items that they have no interest in. Very often, the list contains a bunch of items related to the house and mostly the kitchen. Well, it is true that most of these things are useful for a new couple, starting a new life in a new place. However, as a very close friend, your idea of their wedding gift should probably be different.

For your best friend’s wedding, you definitely want to skip the classic gift list and think outside the box to get them an overwhelming, special wedding gift

Through this article, I am introducing a new product that would make the ultimate wedding gift choice for you to add a special touch to your childhood’s best friend's wedding : Portrait Guestbook Canvas.

A portrait guest book Canvas is mainly a canvas created from one of the couple’s favorite photos and a custom text or their wedding vows. At the wedding reception, you place the portrait guest book Canvas on a clear spot for guests to sign. Later, the newlyweds display the personalized portrait guest book Canvas in their home as a nice, lovely piece of art.”

The wedding gift concept idea of a portrait guestbook canvas proposed by Fabiano is pretty amazing. And at this point, you’re probably wondering, why would it be different from any other guestbook already available out there? 

Well, as you already probably know, Fabiano is a cartoonist and a digital illustrator, which means that he makes all kinds of drawings of people as well as pets and anything that can cross your mind. Therefore, he uses his talent and amazing skills to make your wedding gift as special and as unique as it can be.

Whether the newlyweds are a hopeless romantic couple, or maybe Potterheads, travelers, or simply pet lovers, Fabiano will turn them into the sweetest, and coolest cartoon characters you can ever imagine. 

Choosing to get your special wedding gift done by Fabiano means that you will have a personalized portrait guestbook Canvas to offer that can actually be used on the same wedding day. And you may find it hard to believe, but his work will definitely make you the coolest person in their wedding.

Not only will you get them a sweet unexpected gift that has your mark on it. But with this wedding gift idea, you will help them gather a lot of sweet memories in one place. Also, unlike the classic guest book that they will probably end up putting somewhere in their library collecting dust, and forgetting about it, the portrait guestbook canvas will add a beautiful touch to their bedroom or any other room they choose to decorate it with. A beautiful drawing illustration of them as cute cartoon characters surrounded by dozens of sweet words and wishes from all their favorite people.

I hope you’re ready to go to that wedding now! The task is easier than ever, your perfect wedding gift is just one click away. All you have to do is place your order and follow the easy steps to get your personalized Portrait Guestbook Canvas.

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