Personalized couples gifts : the portraits will win their heart!

With only a few weeks separating us from the most exciting time of the year, we are all bringing out our pens and notebooks, starting to make that Christmas shopping list to make sure we get the right and accurate Christmas gift for our loved ones, and mostly to make sure we don’t forget anyone, especially our favorite happy couple from the gang. 

Personalized couples gifts have been the easiest choice these past couple of years to fill in the blank space when it comes to answering the question : “what should I be getting mom and dad this year? And what about Mark and Lexie? Adam and Alex? And all the couples in my life?” 

I mean, who doesn’t have that one sweet lovely couple in their lives that they admire and love so much? Not only because the couple is usually kind, funny, and easy going, but also because the two love birds usually give us hope in love and in relationships, and just for that, we want to give them the world, and we struggle really hard to get them that one perfect couple gift

Personalized couples gifts happen to be effortless, usually less expensive, and with the numerous and endless online shopping websites available today, it became very easy to find them anywhere, and anytime. Nowadays, customized gifts are just one click away.

However, don’t you think that the couples around you are tired of receiving matching mugs with their names or faces on them on every occasion, matching sets of pillows or sweaters? They seem to be getting the same gift idea from everyone around them on every single occasion. And let’s face it, you would stop feeling happy and excited about receiving new gifts if you knew you’d be getting the same thing over and over again.

Which is why comes to you with a whole new concept that will definitely upgrade your personalized couples gifts game this year!

Personalized couples portraits are the best gift option for every couple out there. 

As a digital artist, I have worked on hundreds and hundreds of drawings so far and each drawing holds a special story or a cherished memory that really means a lot to someone out there. And that’s how I realized that I was able to give people new personalized couples gifts ideas that are actually meaningful. 

At, Fabiano puts his heart in the drawing, he is very patient and very attained to details. His care for the tiniest detail can really surprise you. He understands when the client wants the drawing to be done just for fun, and when the client wants to tell a story, relieve a memory or send a message through the drawing, which is also the case for the personalized couples gifts. He doesn’t hesitate to ask twice before he jumps to work, to make sure he has the exact same idea that the client has in mind. Because he knows that despite his really good skills and his unique artistic taste, at the end of the day, it’s how the client wants it that matters, and he always puts the client’s satisfaction first.

  • For the fit, healthy couple who loves to hit the gym together whenever they have the chance : 

  • For the adventurous couple who never stops moving around the world, traveling from one spot to another : 

  • For the couple who enjoys cooking, and making the most delicious recipes together :
  • For the introvert couple whose best date night is a blanket, popcorn, and a good movie :

  • For the couple who never misses a chance to party hard, and go crazy all night long :

  • For the cutest couple of the gang who is expecting a newborn baby to make the family bigger :

The personalized couples portraits made by Fabiano at will make you the favorite friend of every couple. You will be giving them something unique, different and most importantly meaningful. A gift that they can both share and enjoy and a gift that can stay with them forever.

Please note that due to high demand, commissions will start getting limited during the Christmas season. you can place your orders starting now to avoid the Christmas shopping rush.

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